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Being a female game developer in a male-dominated industry

"Revolution 60" is a game created by a team made up of only women.
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"Revolution 60"

The stereotype of the pimply-faced teenage boy gaming in his parents' basement has become all but obsolete in the current video game landscape. In fact, a new report by an industry group shows that almost half of all gamers in the U.S. are women, which means there's a newfound demand for games that appeal to this fast-growing segment.

But whether the video game industry understands how to do that is another question. Brianna Wu is a lifelong gamer and a video game developer, who recently made a game called Revolution 60 with a team made up entirely of women.

She joins A Martinez to talk about the difference between creating video games for women and men, what it will take the industry to change and the abusive messages that she regularly receives from men about her involvement in video games.

Brianna Wu previously chronicled her experience in the gaming industry here.