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State of Affairs: LAPD officers call for raises and 10,000 apply for LAFD

Photo by Andrew Sorensen via Flickr Creative Commons

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It's time now for State of Affairs, our weekly look at California politics with Southern California Public Radio political reporters Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.

Let's start with 20 million gallons of water — that's the latest estimate of how much water was lost on Tuesday afternoon when a water main burst, flooding the UCLA Campus. L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson at the site yesterday. Now the council wants DWP officials to appear at City Hall to answer a host of questions. What's the political fallout of the water main break?

Also on Tuesday, about 200 LAPD officers showed up at City Hall to call for raises. The move follows the police union's rejection of a one-year contract which did not include pay increases. How effective are demonstrations like this? Will it make a difference as City Hall and union officials return to the bargaining table?

Speaking of public safety, the L.A. Fire Department accepted resumes for the next Fire Academy class and they received 10 thousand applications. What do we know about these 10,000 Angelenos who want to be firefighters? 

The Fire Department took a lot of heat for its last class of recruits. There were allegations of nepotism and unfair hiring practices. What's different this time around?

One of the more interesting political items this week: Carly Fiorina, the one-time U.S. Senate candidate from California may run for president. The former head of Hewlett Packard is said to be testing the waters with trips to New Hampshire. Remind us, how did Fiorina fare against incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer?

A strange but true state of affairs this week: California had four governors, including the state's first openly gay governor. How did this happen?

And on a lighter note, Mayor Eric Garcetti is on a family vacation. His office had initially declined to stay just where he was but then he got called out on Instagram and Twitter.