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Gaming giants go to war at E3 in downtown LA

E3 sign at the Los Angeles Convention Center
E3 sign at the Los Angeles Convention Center
Brian Watt/KPCC

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), in downtown Los Angeles kicked off this week on June 10.

It's the biggest conference of the year for plenty of gaming companies, and a place when they announce new projects, show off cool demos and try to entice hardcore gamers with tons of free swag.

Sony and Microsoft, who both debuted new consoles this year, are going to war over the hardcore gamers. Both consoles are doing well, but Sony has a slight lead. According to Dan Hsu at, Microsoft flubbed by trying to concentrate on their console as an entertainment device for the living room, rather than as just a gaming console.

The problem with this is that it alienates the hardcore gamers, who are the ones that spend all of the initial money on the consoles up front and tell all of their casual gamer friends about what they like.

Sony's done much better, as they've concentrated on appealing to the hardcore crowd from the outset.

Nintendo on the other hand is taking a different tact, according to Hsu. Their Wii U isn't selling well and they're doing scaled back press conferences.

For instance, yesterday they did a webcast to talk about the new games coming out. Can anyone guess what they're going to be? All of the famous franchises of course! Super Smash Brothers, a Mario game, Zelda, etc.