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Small California county is immune to voter apathy

Stickers that say
Stickers that say "I Voted" in English, Spanish and Chinese are seen at a polling place February 5, 2008 in San Francisco, California.
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Voters across the country are headed to the polls today, but in California, some speculate that turnout today could hit a record low. 

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The race for Governor is seemingly a done deal and there are no citizen-initiated statewide ballot measures to drive people to the polls, so experts are predicting many voters will stay home.

But there's one pocket of California that's the exception to the rule — in the small mountain community of Sierra County, 73 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the last gubernatorial primary, the highest percentage for any county in California.

Heather Foster, the county clerk-recorder in Sierra County, spoke with Take Two about why the residents of Sierra County are such reliable voters.