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On The Lot: 'X-Men', 'Ant Man', Seth MacFarlane and more

'X-Men: Days Of Future Past.
'X-Men: Days Of Future Past."

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It's Monday and even though it's a holiday, we're still joined in the studio by the indefatigable Rebecca Keegan, who writes about film for the LA Times. 

The weekend box office numbers won't be released just yet because of the holiday but it's looking good for the "X-Men" directed by Brian Singer, who we may remember was embroiled in a sex abuse lawsuit recently. What's going on with that case now?

Another comic book movie and another Hollywood director, Marvel is running into some problems with it's "Ant Man" movie and director Edgar Wright. What's happening there?

You had a piece over the weekend about the new film "A Million Ways to Die in the West" and you interviewed that film's director Seth McFarlane, who most people know as the creator of the "Family Guy" and host of the Oscars a couple years ago.

The air kisses have died down, the yachts have set sail, the Cannes film festival is over. Who were the winners?

Let's not forget the all-important Palm Dog award. Tell us what that is and who or what won.

We have some shocking news to discuss. Hermione Granger has graduated college, and we're not talking Hogwarts here.