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'Million Dollar Arm' director on bringing JB Bernstein's story to the big screen

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Scene from "Million Dollar Arm."

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At one point, sports agent JB Bernstein had an all-star client roster, but as big names like slugger Barry Bonds retired, Bernstein found himself down on his luck.

Until he came up with a crazy idea: to run a nationwide reality contest, a la "American Idol," to search for the next great Major League Baseball pitcher In India.

Bernstein figured with all the cricket played there, someone was bound to have a really fast arm.


That's actor Jon Hamm playing JB Bernstein in the new film "Million Dollar Arm," which opens later this week. The story focuses on Bernstein and two young potential Indian pitchers he brings back to the U.S.

The film's director Craig Gillespie came to the U.S. from Australia, and he says he can relate to the idea of a young foreigner coming to the states.