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Translating 'Breaking Bad' for a Spanish-language audience

Diego Trujillo stars as Walter Blanco in,
Diego Trujillo stars as Walter Blanco in, "Metastatis," a Spanish-language remake of, "Breaking Bad," that debuts this summer.

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"Breaking Bad" is one of the most acclaimed TV series in the U.S., but can Walter White speak Spanish? A Spanish-language remake of "Breaking Bad," called "Metástasis," just wrapped up production in Colombia, and it will debut this summer on Univision's channel UniMas. 

Whether or not it'll live up to the acclaim of "Breaking Bad" remains to be seen. 


Historically, American shows remade for a Spanish language audience have failed to live up to the high expectations of the original. Certain cultural references won't translate, for example, or comedic moments won't hit.

To explain how to convert a hit U.S. show into a hit show in Latin-America, Angelica Guerra, Senior Vice President for Latin America at Sony Pictures Television  joins Take Two. Sony produced both the original "Breaking Bad" and is helming this adaptation.