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What LA's future could be if money and politics weren't issues

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An image from the "Never Built: LA" exhibition recently held at the A+D Museum
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The ethos behind President Obama's budget hinges on the idea, "Opportunity for all." 

It's a future that tackles income inequality, and where the economic playing field is leveled. But what if LA was given its own blank check? One that could be used to make any kind of future it wanted.

Imagine an L.A., where community gardens overtake empty, blighted lots in your neighborhood. One where your children all learn to code and become vital to the future of the Internet. And a future with a subway system that rivals New York's and eases congestion on the freeway so much that you could never say you were late because of "traffic" ever again.

From small ideas to big, a look now at what a vision for LA's own future could look like with Tara  Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation.