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Exclusive Interview: @LosAngelesRain on his plans to drench Southern California

Raindrops are seen on a vehicle's windshield as a car makes its way down a tree-lined street in Alhambra, east of downtown Los Angeles on April 13, 2012 in California.
Raindrops are seen on a vehicle's windshield as a car makes its way down a tree-lined street in Alhambra, east of downtown Los Angeles on April 13, 2012 in California.

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(Note: This segment is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but we assure you we did interview the real person behind the Los Angeles Rain Twitter account)

We here in Southern California love our warm weather so much that rain kind of gets a bad rap.

In the midst of a big drought, we beg for him to come, and when he shows up it can cause floods and stirs up all sorts of junk. It ain't easy being wet. Don't believe us? Take it from the man himself.

A few months ago, Los Angeles Rain started sharing his thoughts and feelings as so many of us do these days, in 140 characters or less on twitter.

A few threats:

And his reactions to various people's weather predictions:

Even Mayor Garcetti got in on the action:

For more inside the psyche of Los Angeles Rain, we're joined for an exclusive interview with the one-and-only, Los Angeles Rain.

Interview Highlights:

Why Twitter, why now?
"Well, when I first joined I felt like I wanted the city to improve and I thought I was the cloud for the job. And if I ask the city to finally get its act together, get a train going to LAX, get the line to Pink's a little bit shorter and then I would rain, maybe those things would get done. But now, it's really just for me a way to connect to the Los Angeles without actually having to do any work, which is great." 

What's your response to the criticisms?
"I say I completely agree, totally, and I should and like you hear from every Angeleno, we should definitely hang out soon and not have it be forever again." 

Why can't you come hang out with us?
"Oh, raining over the ocean, I've been hanging out in Seattle. It looks like they need a lot of it, lot of rain. Sometimes, I'll go to some island where there's nobody living on it, it gets rain 300 days a year, but it looks really nice."

You've been making some demands like until we get a football team?
"You don't think we're going to get a football team any time soon? I was kind of hoping that one would work."

You actually got Mayor Eric Garcetti go send you a selfie with a mustache. How'd you do that?'
"Someone on Twitter I think asked Mayor Garcetti if he would do a rain dance for me and a little while later he replied and he said "Totes," which was weird. And somebody else called him LA's hipster mayor so I asked if he would put a mustache on for me and then he did and then I couldn't resist. The next day it rained." 

You've also been having conversations with the sun?
  "Everyone loves LA, even the sun, he's a total workaholic. We're really good friends and I just say anytime he wants to come over to LA, he can. I'll take the day off, it's no problem at all." 

So, are you really coming to LA?
"Last year I really regretted missing the Oscars and I would be crazy if I did that again and plus when the red carpet gets wet, people squish on it when they're walking. That's so much more fun than a normal red carpet."

What can we do to see you around here more often?
"Just be nicer to each other, just drive safe when I'm raining and when I'm not. And if you have to Instagram me please use a flattering filter like Sierra. Hefe is definitely not appropriate."