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Time cover of Mexico's Peña Nieto causes uproar

Parody of Time cover tweeted by @tryno
Parody of time cover tweeted by @ThinkMexico, referencing the self-defense groups that have grown up to fight drug cartels in states like Michoacan.
Parody of Time cover tweeted by @eEAmerica

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If you needed proof that President Peña Nieto and his program of reforms are not without controversy, you need only look to social media over the past few days.

There's been a mounting uproar over a Time magazine cover set for publication next week. It features a photo of a statuesque President Peña Nieto with the headline "Saving Mexico."

A lot of people, especially within Mexico, have taken issue with this glowing portrayal. Journalist Daniel Hernandez joins the show from Mexico City. He's a former Los Angeles Times writer and now an editor for Vice magazine there.