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Comment Box: Michael Sam, Pedro Infante and Kristen Stewart poetry

A display of historical mailboxes at the National Postal Museum.
A display of historical mailboxes at the National Postal Museum.
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Time now for the Comment Box where listeners weigh in on the stuff we're talking about on Take Two.

We began this week talking about Michael Sam, the aspiring NFL player from the University of Missouri, who came out of the closet. On Monday, we interviewed Howard Bragman, the publicist who advised Sam during the process.

It was the lead story for most news outlets that day but listener, initials MK, posted this on our website:

"Happy for gay rights, civil liberties etc. but would challenge the airways to devote as much airtime to the plight of Foster Children and their civil liberties."

Also this week, we talked about Pedro Infante, a celebrated Mexican musician and film actor from the fifties. He died in a plane crash decades ago but Univision has announced plans to use his image — a la James dean — in a series of products, including salsa and tortilla chips.

Listener Sonia Alvarado was a little incensed by this news:

"Pedro Infante is idolized in Mexico as a talented singer/artist and a man who donated to the poor. I would hate for his image to be cheapened with merchandise that would only support Univision. It would be wonderful if his family had taken over the rights to his name and used it for a greater good, such as Paul Newman's family has done."

And finally, actress Kristen Stewart and her poem that appears in the March issue of the magazine Marie Claire. Stewart's poem's been skewered on Twitter and in the blogosphere.

But yesterday we spoke to UCLA professor Brian Kim Stefans, who was far gentler on the young poet, and commended her for a good first effort.

Listeners, you really liked this segment — and professor Stefans's evaluation.

Here's Listener Brenna MacAllister: "Thank you very much for that interview!" Professor Stefans, she writes is "The voice of reason!"

Kristen Stewart, I hope you're listening.

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