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The Hummus takes a satirical look at Islamophobia

Screenshot of the website The Hummus.
Screenshot of the website The Hummus.

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There's a new satirical website that's being hailed as The Onion for Muslims. The Hummus was founded by three Silicon Valley, practicing Muslims in their 20s. 

Headlines include things like, "Conversion of Ryan Gosling To Islam Halts Arranged Marriages Nationwide" and "Muslim Man's Ego Fatally Wounded in Coffee Shop Argument." Its founders say the site is, "an outlet for expressing the frustrations that we had as Muslims in America experiencing Islamophobia, the conflation of culture with religion, and the funny results that we can all relate to."

But they've said they want to remain anonymous, so we spoke to Maz Jobrani about his take on comedy in the Muslim community and his experience taking his "Axis of Evil" Comedy Tour through the Middle East.

“It felt like there was this audience that had been waiting for us – that had been waiting for somebody to talk about all the stuff they’ve been going through,” he said of the group’s first tour through the Middle East.

The show is in English, so Jobrani didn’t expect the reception that the group received.

“There had never been a group of American comedians who went to the Middle East to perform for the people of the Middle East,” Jobrani said.

Jobrani, who has lived in the United States since he was six years old, said he didn’t know there was such a large English-speaking population in the Middle East. But, “nowadays, with the Internet, everyone knows what’s going on,” he said.