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Tuesday Reviewsday: James Vincent McMorrow, Timothy Bloom and Kris Bower

James Vincent McMorrow performs at the Cavern Bar as part of the fifth annual Arthur's Day celebrations on September 26, 2013 in Letterkenny, Ireland.
James Vincent McMorrow performs at the Cavern Bar as part of the fifth annual Arthur's Day celebrations on September 26, 2013 in Letterkenny, Ireland.
Ramsey Cardy/Getty Images for Guinness

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It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.

Morgan's Picks:

Artist: Timothy Bloom
Album: Timothy Bloom
Song: "A Long Time Ago (featuring Dezi Paige)"

Timothy Bloom is a Grammy winning producer. This is his debut, very country, rock infused soul music from someone who grew up not able to listen to anything, but gospel. His parents were religious and so he had to sneak in the car and listen to Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye.

He snuck out and developed his sensibilities on the sly, so it's a really good story. He also got a production credit on Chris Brown's "F.A.M.E.," so he's been in and around the scene for a while and finally getting a chance to do his own thing. We got another song with him called, "A Long Time Ago." 

Artist: James Vincent McMorrow
Album: Post Tropical
Songs: "Cavalier" and "Red Dust"

James Vincent McMorrow and his brand new album, "Post Tropical." This is hipster vulnerability music, so you talk about your feelings over some kale, a little bit of soy. People compare him to James Blake and Bon Iver mostly because of the falsetto.

This is a really good album. Someone has referred to him as bearded rock, but whatever it is it's really the alternative sound of a side of soulful R&B. Really, really gorgeous, vulnerable and there's another song we're going to hear called "Red Dust." 

Artist: Kris Bower
Album: Heroes + Misfits
Songs: "Forget-Er (featuring Julia Easterlin)" and "Wake The Neighbors"

Beautiful new project called "Heroes and Misfits" by Kris Bowers and two songs that have been released so far. The album doesn't come out until March 4th, but he's dropped a few singles. Forget-Er is one of them, featuring Juliet Easterlin. Very haunting and emotional wailing. She's a Berkeley jazz graduate and he went to Juilliard.

He's from here in L.A. and the story goes that when his mother was pregnant with him, his parents put headphones on her belly and played jazz so his jazz consciousness started really early. Went to high school and middle school here and then went to Juilliard for his undergraduate studies and then got a master's in jazz performance with an emphasis on film composition.

Very, very smart guy. A scholar, a gentleman, musician, and he ended up winning the Thelonious Monk International Piano competition. It was at that competition that he was approached by Aretha Franklin's manager. The management said she wants you to be her pianist going forward so high honor for this guy. He ended up performing at Hall of Fame Rock and Roll tribute to Aretha Franklin and also at her 70th birthday so a relationship was forged.