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On The Lot: 'Frozen', Director's Guild Awards and more

The characters of the film,
The characters of the film, "Frozen."

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It's official, "Frozen" is Disney's second highest grossing animated film ever. It passed "The Lion King" with a gross of $810 million in the global box office. Here to talk about Frozen's legacy and other Hollywood News is Rebecca Keegan, who writes about film for the Los Angeles Times. 

Also, the folks who write for films seem to have a tough time getting paid in Hollywood. Now they're trying to do something about it? Why's it so difficult for them to get paid? What is the Writers Guild actually going to do?

The Directors Guild Awards were on Saturday night. What's significant about these awards? Are they indicative of anything Oscars related?

Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza was indicted last week for violating campaign finance law. He's the creator of the documentary "2016: Obama's America." What do we know about the violations?

Could this affect his new movie at all, which is set to come out in July?

Finally, a film that I can't imagine ever getting nominated for an Oscar. Sony is going to be making an adaptation of Sheryl Sandberg's management book, "Lean In." Just a reminder, she's the COO of Facebook. How are they going to turn this into a movie?