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Calif. Supreme Court rules Stephen Glass cannot practice law in state

Stephen Glass during a 2003 interview with CBS News'
Stephen Glass during a 2003 interview with CBS News' "60 Minutes".

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Just this morning, the California Supreme Court declined to allow former journalist Stephen Glass to practice law in the state. The decision reverses the State Bar Court's majority recommendation, which had sided in Glass' favor.

Stephen Glass was the journalist who, 15 years ago, fabricated multiple stories, often quoting anonymous sources.

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Since then, Glass went on to complete law school and has been seeking a law license in California. But the California bar has been reluctant to grant him one, based on his prior conduct and appealed to the California Supreme Court to decide.

In today's ruling, the Court said Glass had "failed to carry his heavy burden of establishing his rehabilitation and current fitness."

More from the Court's ruling:

Many of his efforts from the time of his exposure in 1998 until the 2010 hearing, however, seem to have been directed primarily at advancing his own well-being rather than returning something to the community.  His evidence did not establish that he engaged in truly exemplary conduct over an extended period.  We conclude that on this record he has not sustained his heavy burden of demonstrating rehabilitation and fitness for the practice of law.

For more on this, we're joined now by Stanley Goldman, a professor at Loyola Law School and a Bar review lecturer in ethics.