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UPDATE: Tyro screenwriter goes from UPS truck to Sundance Film Fest

Theatre in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival.
Theatre in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival.
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The Sundance Film Festival wrapped up yesterday. Among the many film fans there was a young man named Matthew Hickman, who had written a few movie scripts of his own.

One of them, titled "A Eulogy for Evelyn Francis," was so good, a longtime producer named Cassian Elwes decided to take Hickman as his guest to Sundance.

We talked to the two of them shortly before they left and I asked Matthew Hickman if there was one person in Park City he really hoped he could meet:

"The only one that I've actually mentioned to Cassian so far and I doubt that i'll actually meet him but it would be cool for several reasons is Robert Redford. Because he started Sundance, because several of his movies have been pretty big influences on me."

We have Matthew back with us now, to find out what happened in Sundance. 


Cassian Elwes has produced more than 60 films, including recent hits like "Dallas Buyer's Club," "The Butler," and "All Is Lost." He recently decided he wanted to give back by mentoring an unrepresented writer.

Elwes chose Matthew Hickman — a UPS clerk who moved out here from Georgia — to be his date to the Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off later this week. Though he's thrilled with The Black List now, Hickman began by telling us that his earlier experiences with the site weren't quite as pleasant.