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App Chat: 8 apps that make traveling with kids easier

A young girl holds an Apple iPad on display at Regent Street's Apple store on May 28, 2010 in London, England.
A young girl holds an Apple iPad on display at Regent Street's Apple store on May 28, 2010 in London, England.
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Taking a trip around the world by yourself can be daunting. Throw kids into the mix and it can turn a relaxing vacation into anything but. Ciaran Blumenfeld, creator of, joins the show to tell us the apps she uses to make traveling with kids easier.

Suggested Apps:

The one place to keep track of all your travel info.

Super useful in airports, particularly when you have a gate transfer and want to know if the food in your current terminal is better than the food in the terminal you are headed to (or vice versa).

Sit or Squat
Knowing where the nearest potty is at all time is a mission critical skill for parents. This is the app that supports that skill. Search, add and review bathroom locations wherever you go.

iTranslate Voice 
Closes the communication gap and amuses your kids. My kids love to speak phrases into this app and hear their words translated into various languages. It can be a lifesaver if you are stranded somewhere without a translator, or without other entertainment for your children. 

Keep your kids busy and help other families with this app that makes your 7-to-13-year-old kid the star of their own show. This app allows them to quickly create and upload their video reviews hotels, tours, museums, theme park & tourist attractions and more. Apps are reviewed before being made public and kids' identities are protected. 

Viator has the skinny on every location. Learn what there is to see at your destination and then browse through vetted and reviewed day trips and tour packages. Teen shopping tour of Paris? Who knew?  It's a a great app both for research and for booking a day trip.

This app comes with a nifty little tiny camera that you wear. The camera takes photos automatically, sensing movement and light changes.  What I love about this app and camera is that it can free you up to live in and experience the moment, which is so important when you are traveling with family. The pressure to document/take photos when you travel, can be overwhelming. The camera produces some amazing candid shots and the app allows you to create video from the images. It's also interesting to clip the camera onto small children or a car dash for a unique perspective on your travels. I personally love this one, and have worn to theme parks, events etc. 

This is a Disney produced app that literally creates a "story book" from your images. The images are combined with text and set to music, creating a compelling animated slide show. It's easy to use and a great way to share your travel stories with friends and family back home via social media or email.