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Odd Hollywood Jobs: Stuntwoman Zoë Bell

Zoe Bell at KPCC.
Zoe Bell at KPCC.
Mae Ryan/KPCC
Zoe Bell at KPCC.
Actress/stuntwoman Zoe Bell performing a stunt from the movie, Deathproof

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This is one in a series on Odd Hollywood Jobs — not acting or directing, but rather the tasks you haven't heard of. You can read other segments in this series at the links below the story.

Ever wonder how stars like Uma Thurman and Halle Berry can perform death defying feats in the movies? Well, the answer is usually its not really them doing it.

Although many actors like performing their own stunts, most of the dangerous scenes in movies are done by talented stunt performers. On our next installment of Odd Hollywood Jobs we talk to one of the best stuntwomen in the business, Zoë Bell. She stars in the upcoming film, Raze

Interview Highlights:

On how she got into stunt work:

There's an obvious joke she likes to tell when people ask her that question: She "fell" into this line of work. But in reality, she was always involved with gymnastics and tumbling, but when she got too big for it, she turned to martial arts. Through that, she met people who did stunt work for a living and immediately knew this was the kind of work she had to do.

On how she deals with scary or intense stunts: 

Zoe said that for the film "Catwoman", she was supposed to be suspended 22 stories above the air - only on wires. Once she was harnessed up, she sat on the edge of the building and just got herself used to being up so high and worked out the mechanics of the stunt in her head. She said that's what usually works for her, focusing on the science and mechanics of the stunt, allowing her mind to get ready for it. 

On her favorite stunt:


The car chase scene from the Quentin Tarantino film "Grindhouse: Death Proof." In it she was strapped to the hood of a car  that was traveling at speeds topping 90 mph. A few times the line between doing the stunt and avoiding real injury was a little blurry.

Zoë Bell teaches host Alex Cohen a simple stunt: 


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