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Hollywood 'nomads' question need for film tax credits

The Hollywood Sign after its refurbishing.
The Hollywood Sign after its refurbishing.
Alex Pitt Photography (via The Hollywood Sign Trust)

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Three years ago, 33-year-old hair and clothing special effects director Daniel Lay started the blog VFX Soldier.

It was a space for fellow film workers to vent their frustrations over the longterm trends they were seeing in the industry, as locales around the globe compete for production through tax incentives.

He noticed that his friends and colleagues constantly had to uproot their lives in Los Angeles to move to New Zealand or Vancouver, sometimes both in the same year, as they followed production lured away from Hollywood by tax credits in far away locations. 

Alex Cohen speaks with Lay about what he calls "the cycle of displacement," and why he says bolstered tax credits aren't the answer to curbing Hollywood's runaway production.