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How Mexico's soda tax could impact US debate

Bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola.
Bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola.
a olin/Flickr Creative Commons

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Attempts to limit soda consumption tend to fizzle out here in U.S.

New York City unsuccessfully tried to restrict drink sizes in restaurants and there are several failed measures around the country to tax soda. That's why lawmakers here are watching what happens down in Mexico.

Mexicans drink more soda per capita than anywhere else in the world, and the country just enacted a law that tacks on a peso for every liter sold. The hope is that it'll reduce the rates of obesity and diabetes in the country now that Mexico has taken the title of world's fattest country away from the U.S.

If it's successful, it might reinvigorate attempts to get similar laws passed here. For more we're joined by Helena Bottemiller Evich, agriculture reporter for Politico.