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How to make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at

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What's your favorite type of chocolate chip cookie?

Crunchy or chewy? Maybe with a little salt? Dark chocolate or milk?

For J. Kenji Lopez-Alt from Serious Eats, it's all about the crispy edges and soft, chewy caramel center. 

The only problem is that he's struggled for years to find the perfect cookie. So he embarked on a quest to bake the perfect chocolate chip delight... and after baking more than 1500 cookies - and packing a fridge to the brim with different tests - he's found one of his favorites and he's learned an awful lot along the way.

Kenji joins us on the show, but you can check out his recipe for the perfect cookie here. He's also answering questions about how to make the best cookie for you (all crunchy OR all chewy, you decide) in the comments section.