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Comment Box: Reviewsday, Griffith Park cougar and more

A display of historical mailboxes at the National Postal Museum.
A display of historical mailboxes at the National Postal Museum.
Todd Martin/Flickr Creative Commons

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Time now to dip into the Comment Box to find out what you think about the work we're doing.

First, some praise for Tuesday Reviewsday. Last week before he left on vacation A spoke with Take Two regulars Oliver Wang of Soul-Sides .com and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.

They served up music from Yuna, Dam-Funk and Snoopzilla, the indie band Run River North, and the latest offering from M.I.A.

So far it seems we're doing right by you on the music front.

Deborah Shaka writes: "Loving these tunes. Thanks for the great recommendations. And Morgan's voice...makes me float on a cloud."

Now to cougars, aka Mountain Lions, aka Pumas. A lot of you wrote in after I interviewed National Geographic photographer Steve Winter about his photos of the elusive big cat in Griffith Park. A series of photos are out in the current issue of Nat Geo, but there was in particular that got most of you talking.

It was the photo of the cat in front of the Hollywood Sign. It's on our website at if you want to take a look. In the picture, the sign looks lit up, and that sparked debate among you on our website about whether it was doctored.

It wasn't. It appeared — based on comments — that some of you did not hear the interview.

Here is Steve talking about HOW he got the shot:

"Now on the Hollywood Sign, notice there's black behind him. It's a 4-second exposure, he does not stop he doesn't care about the flash or the camera or anything. Take the exposure, he walks by the camera stays open and is exposing the sign. Luckily we had fog that night because the signs not lit and the light from the city is bouncing off the clouds and is actually lighting the letters of Hollywood."

Last week I spoke to a famous man about town, Kogi Taco Chef Roy Choi.

He's got a new book out, "LA Son: My Life, My City, My Food", and so we talked about all of the above. At least one of you noted that it was one of the best interviews with Roy he has heard.

It was definitely one of the most fun interviews Alex has ever done, even if it made her incredibly hungry.

Finally on to a story we aired about a preschool in South LA who is working hard to get healthy food option on the kids' menu. As part of the story we asked listeners to submit their favorites healthy options for their kids.

Steamed veggies like carrots and broccoli were mentioned. Listener Miranda Bailey told us about vegan pita pizzas with tomato and basil.

There was also recipe for "hamburger buddy", pasta with lean ground beef and chopped veggies,  minced, really, so the kids can't detect them. But the favorite was from Lorna Saxbee from a web series called Feeding Kids TV.

It's a red apple, hollowed out with an "M" carved on the side to resemble McDonalds Fries. And the fries? Thinly sliced apple sticks.

If you have a favorite something that you've heard on Take Two — or something that was decidedly not your favorite — email us at