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'Mortified Nation' takes your awkward teenage years on stage

The new documentary,
The new documentary, "Mortified Nation," celebrates the stage project that brings people together to read from their own childhood diaries and share their shame.
Mortified Nation

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Remember when you were a kid? Maybe you thought you were cool or nerdy or angsty.

Most of us probably wouldn't want to relive those times, but for the stage show Mortified, performers take their own childhood journals, find the most cringe-worthy parts, and read them before a live audience.

A new documentary celebrates these pieces of personal history: Mortified Nation.

Producer Dave Nadelberg explains how the whole project started with a terribly-written love letter he wrote as a teenager and found as an adult.

"I decided to start sharing with friends," says Nadelberg. "I started feeling this cathartic kick out of doing that."

He realized that there were many more people around the country who actually enjoyed revealing these embarrassing entries they've made in the past. 

"When we were growing up, we thought we were the only ones going through what we were going through, we felt alone," said director Mike Mayer. "You're not alone because the people onstage went through what you were going through."

Mortified Nation is available to view right now on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and more. A special screening is Saturday, November 16th at 8pm at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica.

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