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Washington voters take to the polls to decide on GMO labeling

"MON 810", a variety of genetically modified maize (corn) developed by Monsanto Company is pictured during an action by anti-GMO activists calling for its ban on January 23, 2012 at a Monsanto storehouse in Trebes near Carcassonne, southern France. AFP PHOTO / ERIC CABANIS (Photo credit should read ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images)

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To label or not to label genetically modified foods, that is the question Washington state voters were asked to decide in yesterday's election.

Early returns indicate that ballot initiative 522 is failing by about 10 percentage points. The measure would require any food that contains genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such.

Californians narrowly rejected a similar measure in 2012, but a national debate over GMO labeling is far from over. New York Times reporter Amy Harmon joins the show with more.