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'Justice For My Sister' doc examines 'femicide' in Guatemala

Poster for the documentary film
Poster for the documentary film "Justice For My Sister."
Kimberly Bautista

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The 16th annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival kicks off Thursday. Among the many films being screened is a documentary called "Justice For My Sister."

It looks at the life and brutal death of 27-year-old Guatemalan woman named Adela who was beaten to death by an abusive boyfriend named Ricardo. Her older sister Rebecca, takes up her cause and fights tirelessly to bring Adela's killer to justice.

Our next guest, Kimberly Bautista, directed the film. When we spoke earlier she began by telling me about the physical and verbal intimidation Adela endured at the hands of her accused killer, Ricardo. 

Justice for my Sister trailer from Kimberly Bautista on Vimeo.