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The Taste: Wolfsmouth and Starry Kitchen on the art of the pop-up restaurant

LA Times
LA Times "The Taste" event.
LA Times

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There are of course, plenty of reasons to stay in town this weekend. The LA Times is hosting its annual food and wine festival called The Taste.

There will be cooking demonstrations, wine tastings and discussions about the dining experience, including a chat about pop-up restaurants; those temporary eateries that pop up inside other restaurants, or sometimes even private homes.

For a preview of that chat, we're joined by Craig Thornton , the chef behind a wildly popular home dinner party popup known as Wolvesmouth. A cook so dedicated to his customers, he once created a 40-course menu to celebrate a diner's 40th birthday.

Also with us Nguyen Tran of the pop up Starry Kitchen, which started as an underground covert eatery in Tran's apartment. They've made a name for themselves serving up delicious asian fusion cuisine and once even served a nine course meal built around marijuana.