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Friday Flashback: Obama speech, Fannie and Freddy out, and much more

Fannie Mae's headquarters in Washington, DC.
Fannie Mae's headquarters in Washington, DC.
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It's finally Friday. Time for a little analysis of the biggest news stories of the week. Joining us from Washington is Atlantic editor Garance Frank-Rutah and back in the Flashback chair here in studio is James Rainey of the LA Times

President Obama will be speaking later today. He also called for a phase out of federally controlled loan giants Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. What does this mean?

Of course, Congress is home on recess this week, but they're facing their constituents empty-handed when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform. It depends on the district, but what are they hearing back home?

Is it perhaps worse news that there's been no progress on a budget and that the government will run out of money on October 1st unless Congress raises the debt ceiling? 

San Diego mayor Bob Filner entered rehab this week as an 11th woman came forward said she'd been propositioned by Filner. This is the news story that just keeps on giving.

It's getting more difficult for a lot of people to understand why this man doesn't resign. Is it something specific to Bob Filner, or is the instinct to hold onto office at all costs just a common trait for politicians?