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Is the Ramen Burger New York's next big food trend?

Kaizu Shimamoto's ramen burger.
Kaizu Shimamoto's ramen burger.
Courtesy of Kaizu Shimamoto

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We introduced listeners to the Ramen Burger at the end of Wednesday's show, and the prime beef patty sandwiched between buns made of ramen noodles just won't go away. 

The snack-turned-main course item made its debut at the Smorgasburg Festival in Brooklyn last weekend, featuring a secret sauce with scallions and arugula. Some people waited in line for hours just to sample the treat.

Keizo Shimamoto is an L.A.-born chef now working in New York, and he made over 100 burgers last weekend. This week, he took a quick pit stop from the kitchen to join the show with more on his new creation.