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Is California's economy looking bright?

A SoCal sunset in silhouette.
A SoCal sunset in silhouette.
Steven Gaskin

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If you've read the headlines from the past several weeks, it's been mostly about the IRS's focus on conservative groups, or the NSA's surveillance of Americans.

But the economy? Not so much. 

It seems that, minus the monthly jobs report last week, the economy's no longer dominating the front page as often as it used to. But talking to people on the street, it is clear that a lot of people are still struggling. 

To get a sense of what is really going on, we gathered a roundtable to give us a snapshot of how the economy is doing on a variety of levels, from unemployment to housing to your own pocketbook.


Christopher Thornberg is principal with Beacon Economics.

Raphael Bostic is a professor of public policy at USC, and a former assistant secretary at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Delia Fernandez is a certified financial planner and president of Fernandez Financial Advisory in Los Alamitos