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Valley Fever sickens 28 solar workers in San Luis Obispo County

Some of the 24,000 mirrors called
Some of the 24,000 mirrors called "heliostats" at the eSolar Sierra SunTower power plant in Lancaster, California. Two solar construction companies in the San Luis Obispo area have been found to have an outbreak of Valley Fever.

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Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plan to meet with Department of Corrections officials on Thursday to discuss the spread of Valley Fever at two Central California prisons.

The court has ordered the relocation of an estimated 3,200 inmates with heightened risk for the disease.

But Valley Fever is not just striking the prison population. The airborne disease has sickened 28 workers at two large solar-power construction sites in San Luis Obispo County.

For more on why we're seeing these infections, we're joined by Dr. John Galgiani, a Valley Fever expert and professor of infectious diseases at the University of Arizona.