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Massachusetts Battles for the State's Rock Song

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California already has an official song -- "I Love You California."

It was written by an L.A. clothier Francis Bernard Silverwood, and made its debut in 1913. 

Every other state in the nation also has a song, but in Massachusetts, one doesn't appear to be enough.

And they're having a ... BATTLE OF THE BANDS!

                   Modern Lovers                   VERSUS                         Aerosmith


Two weeks ago, Massachusetts State Representative Martin Walsh filed a bill proposing the state's official ROCK song to be "Roadrunner" by the Modern Lovers.

But then, earlier this week, two other state representatives -- James Cantwell of Marshfield and Josh Cutler of Duxbury -- floated a competing bill to get Aerosmith's "Dream On" as the state's official jam.

For why a state would need a rock song, and how to pick the best one, is Time magazine's music writer Melissa Locker.

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