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How economic sanctions affect Iranians living in LA

A sign reading
A sign reading "Persian Square" overlooking Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles, California, on March 15, 2012. A new reality TV show about the lavish lifestyles of rich young American-Iranians in Los Angeles has sparked angry claims it is degrading, and exploits the Persian community's image for ratings. The show is set in Tehrangeles, the name given to the West Coast metropolis's Persian community, where 20 percent of Beverly Hills' residents are of Iranian stock, said to be the biggest outside the Islamic Republic.

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Now we turn to the Persian community in Los Angeles, or Tehrangeles as it is sometimes referred to.

It's the largest concentration of Persians outside of Iran.

The sanctions affect Iranians here, including the way they travel, the way they do business, and they also affect their families back home.

Siamak Kalhor is a businessman who also happens to have a radio call-in show in Farsi on KIRN Radio Iran here in L.A.

You could say has his ear to the ground in Tehrangeles.