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Are banks changing their fraudulent lending practices?

Occupy LA supporters hold up a
Occupy LA supporters hold up a "Stop Foreclosures!" sign outside of the BNY Mellon Bank during today's press conference.
Corey Bridwell/KPCC

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Six months ago, the banking industry reached a $25 billion settlement with the government. The five biggest banks agreed to the payout after investigators uncovered an industry-wide practice of using fraudulent paperwork to process foreclosures.

So-called "robo signing" resulted in estimated thousands of people losing their homes.

The multi-state settlement requires lenders to change the way they handle their customers, specifically, banks need to communicate more directly with people who are trying to stay in their homes.

Now that the settlement is in full effect, are the banks holding up their end of the deal? 

We talk to Katherine Porter, the UC Irvine law professor appointed to oversee California's share of the settlement.