For every street, there's a history. KPCC has found some of the stories you can find right under your tires.
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Glassell Park & Glassell Street

There's a neighborhood in Glendale called Glassell Park and a street in Orange called Glassell Street. They're both named for an L.A. lawyer who specialized in real estate.

Andrew Glassell may be best known as one of the founders of the city of Orange. But Glassell lived and worked near downtown Los Angeles. Phil Brigandi, author of "Orange County Place Names, A-Z," says Glassell viewed Orange as an investment.

"Andrew Glassell was an attorney in Los Angeles who had worked when he first came to California with the federal land commission that reviewed all the old Mexican Rancho grants and so he was very well versed in title land law which next to being an expert in water law was about the best thing you could be in Southern California."

Glassell was the first president of the L.A. Bar Association. He died in his L.A. home in 1901.