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Introducing, the winner of our political limerick contest!

Win this Patt Morrison mug!
Win this Patt Morrison mug!
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In honor of this show’s grand tradition of political comedy, and after a week of broadcasting live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Patt Morrison and her team of producers are more that a little politically punch-drunk. Don’t worry, that just makes it the perfect time to judge your hilarious bipartisan political limericks!

Congrats to Madeleine Begun Kane and Mason Kroll!

Winning limericks:

Mitt Romney’s big trip. Oy Gevalt!
A tri-country gaffe-filled assault:
Poland, Israel, Great Britain—
Still reeling from Mitten.
But of course it’s the “media’s fault.”
- By Madeleine Begun Kane

Obama and Mitt are enjoying
The e-mail attack they’re employing.
While some are quite goading
And others foreboding
Supporters just find it annoying.
- By Mason Kroll

Comedy Congress regular Ben Gleib wrote this limerick to mark the end of the Patt Morrison show after 6 years on the air:

There once was a show hosted by Patt
Known for great radio and those hats.
A Los Angeles treasure,
and her show always a pleasure.
And we're better thanks to 6 years of that.