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Consumers are ‘Overdressed’ for pennies on the high fashion dollar

Elizabeth Cline was your typical clothing consumer lured in by fashion trends, but sold on low prices. Cline was buying a new article of clothing every week until she realized how many tops, hoodies, and pants she had that she barely ever wore. It wasn’t until Elizabeth caught herself bringing home seven pairs of identical canvas flats at seven bucks a pair when she realized she had a real problem on her hands.

In her book, “Overdressed,” Cline examines the accession of the cheap fashion market along with the decline of independent retailers, why we just can’t say no to the good old deal and steal, and how consumers can break away from the buy and toss cycle.

Excerpt From 'Overdressed'


Do you think you are 'overdressed'? What impact do our constantly changing wardrobes have on the environment and on society?


Elizabeth L. Cline, author, “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion;” she has also contributed to New York Magazine, Popular Science, The New Republic and The Village Voice