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Nathan Fletcher leaves the Republican party behind

Nathan Fletcher speaks in Balboa Park on September 9, 2010.
Nathan Fletcher speaks in Balboa Park on September 9, 2010.
Balboa Park Online Collaborative/Flickr/Creative Commons

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California Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher drew quite a bit of attention on Wednesday when he and his wife, Mindy Tucker Fletcher, re-registered as independent voters. Fletcher, previously a Republican, stated that he was tired of the “infighting” and the “petty games” within the GOP, and of “hyper-partisan” politics in general.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Fletcher had been viewed as one of a handful of Republican candidates worthy of high-profile candidacies, such as the U.S. Senate. Several Sacramento insiders say they aren’t surprised. Fletcher has previously set himself apart from other members of the GOP by supporting gay rights measures and working with Gov. Jerry Brown on tax issues. Fletcher is now the only independent lawmaker in Sacramento.


What do you think a decision like Fletcher’s accomplishes?


Nathan Fletcher, California Assemblyman (I-San Diego); San Diego mayoral candidate and a former Marine who worked in counter-intelligence