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Is Los Angeles really the smelliest city on Earth?

Los Angeles skyline as seen from the Getty Museum.
Los Angeles skyline as seen from the Getty Museum.

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Some might say that “smelly” is in the nose of the beholder, but the City of Angels was recently ranked as the smelliest city on the planet by GQ Magazine.

GQ seems not to define smelly as exclusively malodorous - citing L.A.’s signature ocean breezes, eucalyptus and jasmine along with the more rank elements of the local olfactory offerings like car exhaust and hot asphalt. But how does the scent of taco trucks, Dodger Dogs, sun tan lotion and loads of farmer’s market flowers stack up against Parisian smokers, Seattle’s coffee shops, Mumbai’s curry spices or Peoria’s notoriously rank rotten French fry stench?

The well-traveled and odiferous comedian Greg Proops helps us sniff out some other cities’ olfactory offerings. Which municipalities can’t you get out of your nose – for better or for worse?


Greg Proops, comedian and host of the weekly podcast, "The Smartest Man in the World"; frequent guest on KPCC’s Comedy Congress