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The Behavior Gap: why we can’t stop doing stupid things with money, even when we know we shouldn’t, and how to change

Portfolio Hardcover, 2012.

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Buy, sell, repeat. Why do so many of us keep doing dumb things with our money, or make the same poor investment choices over and over again?

Maybe it’s because we fail to make decisions based on our own interests, instead planning our financial futures according to the same generic road map. Or maybe it’s because some of us fail to make decisions at all, and instead remain anxious and paralyzed, surrounded by too much advice, uncertain about which particulars apply to our situation and what the precisely correct decision should be. Carl Richards – financial planner, New York Times “Bucks” blogger, Marketplace contributor, and author of "The Behavior Gap" – talks to Patt about what it means to make a financial plan for yourself, regardless of outside opinions and advice, in a world where, as Richard puts it, “financial plans are worthless.” It’s the planning itself that matters.

Carl Richards, author, “The Behavior Gap;” contributor, NYTimes.com “Bucks Blog;" certified financial planner/ founder, Prasada Capital Management