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Christmas - a good time of year to be an atheist


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“Don't Believe in a God? Join the Club” That’s one of the messages the American Humanist Association is conveying this holiday season.

The AHA and organizations like it are spreading the word that, like virtually all paradigms of belief, atheism is okay, even around Christmas time. “It’s always a great time of year to be an atheist,” said Bobbie Kirkhart, head of Atheists United. Kirkhart claims that atheism and the celebration of the non-religious winter solstice are beginning to register throughout society as a reaction, in part, to the presidency of George W. Bush, which she refers to as “eight years of something pretty close to an open theocracy.” However, Kirkhart reports that atheists are still discriminated against because of their humanist ideas.


How vocal should atheists be about their ideas during the holiday season? Or can we all celebrate our particular beliefs together without prejudice?


Bobbie Kirkhart, president, Atheists United; past president and current vice president, Atheist Alliance of America