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Invasion of the Body: Revolutions in Surgery

Surgeons' careful hands, busy at work.
Surgeons' careful hands, busy at work.
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How many surgeries have you gotten? How many more do you expect to get? Statistically, as an American, you will undergo at least nine surgeries in your lifetime.

On top of life-saving surgeries, each weekday, 85,000 elective surgical procedures are carried out in hospitals and clinics in the U.S. With Americans going under the knife so frequently, it is amazing where surgery began. In his book, Invasion of the Body: Revolutions in Surgery, Nicholas Tilney takes a look back and tells stories such as Werner Forssmann’s testing cardiac catheterization on his own arm and tying a helpless nurse to the operating table in the process! Tilney also previews a challenging future in the field, where decisions will have to be made whether or not to prolong a life or not given the unsustainable costs of new technologies. The surgeon is live with Patt, to share his wildest stories from the operating room and respond to your stories and questions.


Dr. Nicholas L. Tilney, honorary surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston; professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School