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Triple Crossing

Triple Crossing, by Sebastian Rotella
Triple Crossing, by Sebastian Rotella
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Being double crossed is bad enough, but being triple crossed? Well, I guess that becomes good again, right? Triple Crossing by Sebastian Rotella is a high flying spy tale of explosive proportions. Take the driver’s seat with rookie San Diego border patrol agent, Valentine Pescatore, as he gets caught up playing games with Mexican drug cartels: dangerous games. Will he and renegade crime family informant, Isabel Puente live happily ever after? Or will Mexican Drug cartels turn this match made in heaven into a match made in hell. Bloodshed, betrayal, double-betrayal, double-crossing, TRIPLE CROSSING! Tune in to hear Sebastian Rotella give the inside scoop on this sizzling summer blockbuster.


Sebastian Rotella, author and award-winning foreign correspondent and investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times. His latest book is called Triple Crossing