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Nightmare at 20,000 feet: what’s the worst/weirdest in-flight experience you’ve had?

EasyJet A321 Cabin.
EasyJet A321 Cabin.
Christopher Doyle/Flickr

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Picture this, you’re an eleven year old girl and an extremely intoxicated professional skier begins urinating on you while you sleep quietly on a plane. That’s what happened aboard a recent JetBlue flight that prompted a landing - all so that Robert “Sandy” Vietze, the urinate-er in question, could be evacuated. Plane travel is an already unpleasant experience for many and can only be exacerbated when mixed with strange situations (and people) like this one. What’s your airplane horror story? Tune in for catharsis, but we’re warning you now – this might be a bumpy ride.


Amy Alkon, nationally syndicated advice columnist and author of the book I See Rude People: One woman's battle to beat some manners into impolite society