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Rep. Karen Bass talks health care reform in wake of strike down of health care overhaul

Rep. Karen Bass, (D-Los Angeles), member of the House Budget Committee.
Rep. Karen Bass, (D-Los Angeles), member of the House Budget Committee.
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A conservative federal appeals panel struck down President Barack Obama's health care overhaul Friday. Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) warned on KPCC's Patt Morrison's program that the conservative federal appeals panel that struck down the health care overhaul is "part of the ongoing effort to make sure that health care reform does not get implemented in this country."

Bass said while those actions can slow down the process of implementing universal health care, they can't stop them. "So long as we retain the senate and the current president in the White House they [conservatives] will never be able to actually repeal it," she said.

Bass will host a health care reform town hall meeting at the University of Southern California this Sunday to educate the public about how the Affordable Care Act could benefit them. She said she'll be opening the floor to questions and will have health care reform experts Herb Schultz, director of the ninth region of U.S. Health and Human Services, and California Insurance Commissioner David Jones on hand to answer questions.

The congresswoman said she expects some 400 attendees at this weekend's information session, and hopes it will spark civic engagement. "What I want more than anything is for people to be informed, and after they are informed, to be engaged," she said.


Rep. Karen Bass, (D-Los Angeles), member of the House Budget Committee