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Woody Guthrie: This segment kills fascists

Woody Guthrie seen playing his guitar with the signature
Woody Guthrie seen playing his guitar with the signature "This Machine Kills Fascists" motto taped across it.
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Famed for such ubiquitous folk ballads as “This land is your land” and “Pretty Boy Floyd” -- Woody Guthrie has left an indelible mark on American folk music that has served as an inspiration for generations. Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen are among those that claim Guthrie as a role model in both form and message. But with history carrying on without his guitar strumming charm: how are we left to remember Guthrie in all his soft-spoken but folky-anger? Will Kaufman is here to talk about the “Dust Bowl Troubadour” himself in his new biography Woody Guthrie, American Rebel.


Will Kaufman, professor of American literature and culture at the University of Central Lancashire, England. He is the author of three previous books, most recently American Culture in the 1970s