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Kids on trains, planes and in restaurants: Is there a thin line between a brat and a bad day?

A baby on a plane.
A baby on a plane.
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CNN columnist LZ Granderson has no patience for your unruly “brats,” especially if they use his plane seat as a jungle gym. He’s not as enamored with your kids as you are and expects some level of common courtesy and good parenting when the little buggers are out in public. Are parents these days afraid to raise their voice or offer a stiff punishment for bad behavior? Has our enlightened age of catering to a child’s every emotional need made parents too soft? Do too many parents lack the constitutional fortitude to utter the magic word “NO” to their kids? NO, it’s not okay to scream at the top of your lungs in a restaurant. NO, it’s not okay to roll around screaming on the floor because you didn’t get the toy you wanted. And NO it’s never okay to slap your mommy or daddy in defiance. You might expect Granderson’s tough stance to be because he’s not a parent, but you’d be wrong. He thinks discipline is underrated and should be employed early and often because your kids may be the center of your universe, but they aren’t the center of the universe.


LZ Grandreson, CNN columnist; author of “Permissive parents: Curb your brats”