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Adoption: the statistics may surprise you

Some adoption statistics may surprise you
Some adoption statistics may surprise you
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Adopting a child isn’t an easy process, but many thousands of would-be parents do the paperwork, sit in interviews, pay the fees, and take the chosen child into their homes with the full expectation that their story will have a happy ending. Unfortunately that’s not always the outcome. For a variety of reasons, adoptions have a significant failure rate. And a Caltech researcher finds clear patterns in which children parents choose to adopt and not to adopt. We look behind the scenes for the reasons why.


Leeat Yariv, associate professor economics at the California Institute of Technology and co-author of the study, “Gender and Racial Biases: Evidence from Child Adoption”

Kathy Ledesma, National Project Director, AdoptUsKids, Adoption Exchange Association (AEA).