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Governor to Immigrants - Turn off Telemundo

In front of a large audience of Latino journalists yesterday, Governor Schwarzenegger stated that immigrants who want to learn English need to turn off Spanish-language media. Citing his own experiences as an immigrant he urged the end of beloved telenovelas, Sabado Gigante or "noticias" for those that need to improve their language skills. His appearance at the convention for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists was intended to improve his stature among the large Latino electorate in California, but instead his comments have created a backlash from many leaders in Spanish-language media.

* Rosario Marin, Secretary of the California State and Consumer Services Agency and former US Treasurer
* Pilar Marrero, Political Editor, La Opinion
* Louis DeSipio, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chicano/Latino studies at UC Irvine
* Richard Alba, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at State University of New York at Albany. Alba is the author of Remaking the American Mainstream: Assimilation and Contemporary Immigration (Harvard University Press)