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May Day Rallies

Today two May Day marches and rallies are happening in Los Angeles. Similar demonstrations are taking place in other U.S. cities. Will these marches match the size and intensity of last year's rallies? Patt talks with a variety of guests, including KPCC reporters covering the demonstrations here in the Southland and others.

* KPCC Reporters, Patricia Nazario and Adolfo Guzman Lopez
* Pilar Marrero, Political Editor, La Opinion
* Don Cheto, Host, "El Show de Don Cheto"
* Gustavo Arellano, Staff Writer, OC Weekly
* Esther Cepeda, Reporter, Chicago Sun Times
* Tania Valdemoro, Reporter, Miami Herald
* Steven Camorota, Director of Research, Center for Immigration Studies
* John Trasvina, President and General Counsel, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)