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Off-Ramp Recommends: 'Stay young, go dancing'

Stones Throw DJ Peanut Butter Wolf spinning.
Stones Throw DJ Peanut Butter Wolf spinning.
Photo by Maris Kaplan via Flickr Creative Commons

For the final Off-Ramp recommendation, we scoured the internet far and wide for options that really speak to Angeleno culture and the show's mission of spreading LA love far and wide. However, upon thoughtful reflection, we've decided the show has always been about getting out and trying fun, new things and learning something. Every engaged community member getting out in Southern California adds to the cultural wealth of the city and so this weekend, let's get out and play/shake it fast and loose.

LA has multiple cheap or free events this weekend to get you out into the city, meeting new people, and that will have you considering shaking your groove-thang on a sliding scale, from gingerly to furiously.

1. Dance DTLA

During summer, The Music Center celebrates multicultural dance with alternating lessons and performances, each Friday. Friday the 30th will feature a DJ set curated by local label Stones Throw's golden boy Peanut Butter Wolf. The night will include sets by Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Steve, Vex Ruffin, and Jimi Hey playing the 80's and 90's hits that inspired their music careers. The performances will include Funk, Soul, Disco, New Wave, and Rap reimaginings. The event is entirely free and begins at 9pm at 200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, 90012.

2. Grand performances: First peoples, New voices.

As part of their free summer concert series, Grand Performances has curated a line-up of fantastic Hip-Hop performers, emboldened with an indigenous perspective. The MCs are encouraging Hip-Hop fans to come experience "raw lyrics, urgent poetry, and iconic dance" by a selection of performers representing native Southern California groups, spreading their culture and passion. The event runs 8pm-10:30pm on Saturday at 350 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, 90071.

3. House Party LA + DoLA: The Biggest Dollar Party Ever!

Event group House Party LA has outdone themselves on this Saturday's event. Yes, there will be great performers: Tiger, Suga Shay, Gianna Lee, and DJ Damage. Yes, admission is $1, or $5 without a facebook RSVP. But here is the real draw: slices of pizza are just $1. Cheap fun, music, and cheap pizza? That is the selling point to end all selling points. Unless they were giving out free cars and puppies... which we can't rule out just yet, you had best to go and investigate for yourself. The event starts at 9pm and will run until 2am at the Regent, located at 448 S Main St, Los Angeles, 90013.


A fond farewell to all the Off-Ramp recommendation readers and takers. It's been a pleasure.